Sunday, 12 January 2014

Tv B Gone vs. Digital Camera.

Recently while looking for a new project to try, I found the TV B Gone.It is a little device that has a micro controller that systematically cycles through the off codes of most makes of TV set.

The point of the gizmo can either be thought off as a nuisance creator, vandalism even! thats for another author of another blog.

 I just like it- maybe it is a personal control issue I have.

I found on the Adafruit forums some elaborate ways of housing the kit when fully built, so I set about putting mine in an elaborate case.

I had a junk camera and case and enlisted them to the cause.

the LEDs conveniently lay where the sd card slot was and the on/off switch is the same size as the Tripod slot, the indicator light is used by the 'working' green LED The Shutter button activates the TV B Gone..

The Screen, Lens and the flash were glued back in, the 2xAAA battery chamber is now used by the TVBG.

 I cut the PCB so I could retain the battery and the shutter switch, but allow me room to include the TVBG.

Here is the Wiring, I bent the green LED flat so it would shine through the flash ready lens in the front of the camera, I tacked the wires from the tac-switch the the shutter button.

As the case would not fold nicely over to close I cut a slit for the on off switch, this then gave me the idea to cut a long slot across for the LEDs, as the unit automatically starts the first cycle on switching on, the shutter only re-starts, you can operate TVBG without removing the camera from it's case.

The Project itself took 30 mins to build, the case took the rest of the day, a craft knife to nibble away at areas of the case was needed, and my experience of junking projects by being too hasty put me in good stead for this one!

Overall I think this is a cool novelty well worth a gift to the Geek we all know. ( but of course I have one already )


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  1. I must have similar issues as I've considered buying one of these more than a few times. I have managed to control the urge so far though.